Farmland Allsorts

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    These farming patterns remind me of Allsorts licorice candies...

    The haze makes for some interesting colors, and there may have been a reflection in the window too.

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    1. Joits 79 months ago | reply


    2. wileycount 79 months ago | reply

      I wonder, is there any relationship between the pattern of the crop plantings and the underlying topography/geography/geology? So that pattern would emerge from the shape of the land... nice shot any which way.

    3. Our Darkest Hour 79 months ago | reply

      Silly farmers! Didn't their mother's ever teach them not to play with the crops when planting?!?!

      That is a pretty and interesting shot!

    4. bronzebrew 79 months ago | reply

      thats amazing, a colourful patchwork! It must be harvesting time!

    5. Photonews 79 months ago | reply

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    6. .Ryan --- 79 months ago | reply

      just beautifuol

      i love it!! :]

    7. Azneo 78 months ago | reply

      I don't know if you have tried...but you can do a auto-level adjustment in Photoshop to get that blue sheath off the picture..

    8. lefeber 78 months ago | reply

      I tried auto-color but not auto-level. I generally don't like auto-color since it makes things overly cool anyway, but I chose to post this version of the photo because I actually like the variety of color in it. The reason the part at the bottom of the photo is warmer is because my orange shirt was causing reflections in the window--that combined with all the atmosphere between me and the ground made some interesting colors out of a natural environment.

    9. Azneo 78 months ago | reply

      Yeah the photo looks good (ready weirdy-good). I saw your website too its good...interesting stuff.

    10. Robert Saucier 74 months ago | reply

      What a BRILLIANT Photo!
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    11. MadalenaPestana 66 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture.


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