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P is for Patrick!

Yeah, since theres no chance in earth I was gonna upload the 200+ pics of him I made this fun short video.. I actually took the pics knowing I was gonna do a video, yes, some of them has no focus.. purposely (also bcs he moved too much) and I like it that way. :) He's 10months. Little piece of my heart.


Anyways I've been tagged by amazing Nicole, check her out. (Ps: thank you for tagging me, you are lovely) :>


1. favorite color: purple

2. favorite food: humm... french fries.

3. favorite song (at the moment): Kids/MGMT

4. favorite singer/band (at the moment): MGMT.

5. favorite past time: Flickr :>

6. favorite school subject: English... honors. lol

7. favorite actor: Joshua Hartnett

8. favorite actress: Sienna Miller

9. favorite tv show: I don't do TV!

10. favorite movie: Hannibal


Also tagged by Wanda.. coming on next post.

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Taken on September 2, 2010