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The Road To Paradise

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Hitting The Road.... Again!


After Visiting Places in Arizona, we left Page and set off for Zion National Park in Utah!

Its quite difficult to set up camp in at Zion. You're only allowed to camp in designated grounds.... and theres only a couple of camp grounds!

We arrived there later on in the day (after spending the morning at Antelope Canyon), and were unable to get a spot. One of the Park Rangers advised us to come first thing the next morning for a chance of getting a spot for the next evening!

We drove to Springdale (which is a very close town) and were lucky enough to get a room in a Lodge there (but even that was quite difficult - rooms filled by people not able to get a camp spot). the next morning we got up bright and early and went back to the camp ground, managed to get a spot, and set up shop for a couple for days!

We were lucky, that morning the camp ground filled again by 11am!


Thank you Everyone for the recent activity on my past weeks uploads - Crazy amount of likes and comments! Much appreciated!


Next up - Zion!


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