Tube Lighting in Grocery Store Freezers
Food Depot

August 6th, 2013
Louisa, VA

A grocery store in Virginia installed our high-quality LED T8 tubes into their freezers. Our 5-foot bi-pin LED tube lights fit into standard G-13 bases and are designed with a smaller tube diameter to accommodate the space inside food coolers and freezers and display cases.

Additionally, the minimal lamp heat output of LEDs over that produced by incandescent lamps keeps temperatures inside the coolers and freezers optimally lower. That means the LED tubes save on display case and freezer air-conditioning costs. As well, with their much wider ambient operating temperature and humidity ranges, the LED tube lights have a greater performance in cold freezer-type applications where fluorescents have high failure rates.

These premium-grade T8 LED tube lights are ideal for food industry refrigerators, coolers and freezers, deli cases, floral refrigerators and coolers, office lighting, general and street sign backlighting, task lighting, under cabinets/counters, display cases, interior design uses, and retail store displays.

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