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Racton - a name to send shivers down your spine.

Return trip to the house of horror and hook up with ShrubMonkey. Met unusually early for me at 5:30 and got away with an uninterrupted trail with the obligatory "yoofs" only turning up after the main event.


Racton ruins in West Sussex. It is an 80 foot tall folly built in 1772 by the Earl of Halifax. It is thought to have been designed by Henry Keene an architect who supposedly died before the completion of the folly. Original purpose is uncertain, but it might have been intended as a summerhouse to complement the main Stansted House. Or other suggestions is that it was built as a view point for the Earl. Somewhere he could watch the return of his merchant ships in the Solent.


Constructed of brick and flint the monument consists of a two-storey triangular structure. It has a tower at each corner and a large tapering circular central tower rising to approximately 25 metres. There are three floors of the central tower and its roof is no longer remaining.


From a birds eye view it looks like a triangle symbol (that was used by devil worshippers) The folly has been reported to have been used by cults and devil worshippers for over 100 years. The last report was as recent as 2009.


Apparently it was used as a brothel back in the 1800's.


There are many reports of paranormal activity at the folly. There have been reports of bricks being thrown from the top of the tower and a ghostly woman walking around the building. Also of a ghostly face looking out through a window of one the top floors. The most disturbing report is of people being physically grabbed and pushed. But oddly the most popular story is that of a "ghost tractor" in the fields that comes right up to you then disappears.


Racton has also been a place for suicides with a couple of RIP messages scrawled on the internal walls. Not the sort of place for the sensitive types to visit alone.


Externally lit with a Led Lenser P14 and internally lit with a X21.


Very cold night but an amazing show of stars but with good company.


Refreshments were English Breakfast Tea, Eccles Cakes and Malt Loaf.

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