March 16 2016 WLP Parallel Event Family Law and Violence
WLP Parallel Event "Family Law and Violence: Reports from the Field" at CSW60 in New York City.
Moderator: Lina Abou-Habib
Panelists: Julie Cisse, Coordinator, Groupe d'Initiatives pour le Progres Social (GIPS/WAR);
Lubna Dawany, President and Founding Member, Sisterhood is Global-Jordan (SIGI-J); Rabeea Hadi, Director of Advocacy and Eliminating Violence Against Women, Aurat Foundation; Soraida Hussein, General Director, Women's Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
WLP intends to approach the review theme of elimination and prevention of violence against women from an innovative angle. Around the world, women are impacted by gender-related legislation that determines their right to marry, travel, hold a job, choose their place of residence, or make decisions about their children’s rights. WLP will present the research and solutions of scholars and activists who have witnessed the connection between these laws as practiced in parts of the Global South and violence against women. The session will discuss the cultural, traditional, and religious foundations of these laws and demonstrate that legal reform is directly related to ending violence against women. Panelists will share challenges and best practices in legal reform from their countries and discuss next steps for the 2015-2030 agenda.
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