ReFunct Media 4.0
Exhibition Opening with Performances by TokTek (NL), Gijs Gieskes (NL)
Friday, 13.04.2012 20:00
Free Entry (or donate what you like)

Exhibition 14.04.2012-04.05.2012
Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday 12.00-1800

Alexanderplatz, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, Berlin 10178- Germany

“ReFunct Media” is a multimedia installation that (re)uses numerous “obsolete”
electronic devices (digital and analogue media players and receivers). These
devices are hacked, misused and combined into a large and complex chain of
elements. To use an ecological analogy they “interact” in different symbiotic
relationships such as mutualism, parasitism and commensalism.

Voluntarily complex and unstable, “ReFunct Media” isn’t proposing answers
to the questions raised by e-waste, planned obsolescence and sustainable
design strategies. Rather, as an installation it experiments and explores
unchallenged possibilities of ‘obsolete’ electronic and digital media technologies
and our relationship with technologies and consumption.

Following ReFunct Media 1.0 to 3.0, hosted in Ireland (Imoca, RuaRed) and
in France (Gaité Lyrique), LEAP presents ReFunct Media 4.0, a collaborative
project by Benjamin Gaulon (IE/FR), Niklas Roy (DE), Karl Klomp (NL), Tom
Verbruggen (NL) and Gijs Gieskes (NL).

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