2013–2016 SF State MFA
San Francisco State MFA projects

In an introductory weaving class, my teacher handed me a ball of sari fabric cut into a quarter-inch thick strip of yarn. The beauty of the frayed silk and its linear form captivated me. No longer wearable, the yarn still embodied the garment’s history and could now be used in a new way. From that point forward, my creative practice consists of cutting up secondhand clothing. In this intimate process of dismantling, a type of exposure occurs: apparel that once concealed now reveals its own structure, component parts, flaws, and hidden truths. As a constraint, I force myself to use the entire outfit, thereby accepting every part of the whole. Through this act of unmaking, the ensemble functions in an alternative way. No longer a castoff, the transformation speaks of potentiality and a remaking of the self.
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