the conspiracy of clocks

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    It’s easier to shrug than scream
    To sigh
    At the unsolicited decay
    As like an abandoned house
    We inch toward collapse.

    Things are not as we had imagined
    When through those windows
    We gazed like school children
    On a Friday afternoon

    Shattered now,
    Our boney boards
    Wince and moan
    Beneath the weight of the
    Ghosts that wander through

    I'm not sure how,
    Or when,
    But my life has happened.
    Is happening
    Before I could welcome-
    Before I could even
    My breath.

    Helpless now,
    I catalogue the cracks
    In my invincibility

    Another tortured witness
    By the conspiracy
    Of clocks
    Took this photo in Death Valley at the same time as my last photo. I had always wanted to see the dunes so it was a real thrill to shoot them! When we arrived it was so late, I worried that I wouldn't be able to get the photo in time. But the guys I was traveling with were a great help, running across the sand dunes with me as the sun set, lugging my camera gear and this oversized antique hour glass. So it is very much thanks to them that I was able to get this shot in time!

    Model: Adam Booth

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    1. gred. 23 months ago | reply

      surreal and beautiful concept,Love the idea behind this and you've carried it off well in the image.

    2. Kiersten Bree 23 months ago | reply

      You amaze me, Leah.

    3. matilda89 23 months ago | reply

      What a great concept!

    4. Shelby Ann Gill 23 months ago | reply

      Amazing concept and editing, I really really like this! :)

    5. Jack Wassell 23 months ago | reply

      wow, this is fantastic!

    6. Natalie Ann Photography 23 months ago | reply

      Awesome concept and love the tones.

    7. Ellieboat 23 months ago | reply

      this concept works so well in the setting, fantastic!

    8. foxylady's stardust (From here to Ipernity) 23 months ago | reply


      We would be honoured if you would join our group and share this great photo.

      In the nick of time
      Seen in a tag search. ( ?² )

    9. Ingrid Endel 23 months ago | reply

      I like the slight haziness/soft focus as it adds a dreamy/surreal quality. Once again, a perfect accompaniment to a poem, and awesome location! :D Jealous!! x

    10. Manifeste Des Yeux (Leila Amat) 23 months ago | reply

      Mágica, onírica y creativa.

      Buen homenaje al tiempo.

    11. gabitul 23 months ago | reply

      very creative!!!

    12. 1 Shot 2 Shot 22 months ago | reply

      Excellent work, another superb image with such soft focus

    13. sarahu. 21 months ago | reply

      i have some similar shots like this one!
      i'm glad i've stumbled on your work here! :)

    14. gainesp2003 19 months ago | reply

      Love it - both photo and poem! Also love the hour glass in the sand - how perfect is that!

    15. Anamae . 18 months ago | reply

      lovely, so creative and well done.

    16. Marie Casabonne 18 months ago | reply

      Extraordinary concept of time and its dominance over humans.
      So well done!

    17. leif_85 17 months ago | reply

      seems you let this poor guy wait in the desert

      concerning your lyrics I am not shure if time for you is going too fast or too slow. in a cage I guess it is going too slow.

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