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The Return

This was shot around the same time as this image and was intended to be a kind of sister image. I wanted to imply a story of a woman whose body is washed ashore after some kind of shipwreck, whose soul then arises and returns to the sea...not sure if that's evident from the poses but that is what I was thinking of when I created it.


What a struggle it's been this past week to create! I have been weening off a high dose of steroids after my anaphylactic episodes and I'm finally finishing my meds after almost a full month. While I hated how puffy the drugs made my face, I gotta say, it was amazing how energetic and productive those drugs made me. Now I'm totally crashing after a month long high and it isn't pretty. Back to normal Leah, who sleeps 8-10 hours and struggles every morning to get out of bed. As much as I hate being on steroids, I wish I could take some of that boundless energy with me. Amazing how much you get done when you don't need sleep ;)


For anyone who's interested, I'll be doing a give away of a print on my facebook page after it reaches 1,000. We are only 2 away, so please join up in the next day or two if you want to be elligible to receive it!

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Taken on September 2, 2011