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outtake: like dying in my sleep | by Leah Johnston
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outtake: like dying in my sleep

Like a footprint slowly fading,

like a snowman in the heat,

you will leave me,



just like

dying in my sleep.


Since a couple people suggested I post this, here's the outtake from my shoot of me lying naked in the snow. This was my original idea for the poem illustration, but I felt something was lacking in it and I redid it using my bed. It was mighty cold, but a real adventure to do!


Though I don't typically respond to bitter commentary, I would like to address the issue of nudity in my work. Someone commented on my last post, accusing me of taking off my clothes to attain popularity, and then after deleting their comment, accusing me of filtering my comments so that I would only hear people tell me how 'beautiful' I am.


First, let me start off by saying, I am a feminist and I would never showcase the female body in an exploitive way. There is so much misogyny out there in the world and I would never want to contribute to that. Second of all, my nudity is always implied and never explicit. If you look through my stream, you will see that this is nothing new. I have a real interest in creating shapes with the body in my portraits. I approach the body from a storytelling viewpoint, much in the same way a choreographer might. This often lends itself to minimal clothing in order to create clean lines or convey a concept. But you'll notice nothing is ever really SHOWN in my work. If there is nudity in the original, it is covered up in post, so what you see on this stream is 'implied' nudity, nothing more than what you might see on PG13 film. This is not an act of me conforming to a trend or trying to 'get popular'. I would hope people looking at my work would have the sense to see more than that. I maintain the right to delete comments I deem unnecessary and accusatory on my stream because I really grow tired of constantly defending my viewpoints on this issue, especially when there is so much art out there that is much more graphic and controversial. I am open to helpful criticism but I don't appreciate rude accusations from people who clearly haven't been following my stream, don't have any of their own photos and have nothing useful to contribute.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's a couple of fun outtakes! :D

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Taken on February 10, 2010