smd soldering on machine embroidered circuit

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it works! ;)

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  1. RobotSkirts 82 months ago | reply

    Neat, I can't tell how you're keeping the wires from shorting. I mean the parrallel green pairs are live right? Are they insulated except for at the LED?

  2. leahbuechley 82 months ago | reply

    the white fabric acts as an insulator. the parallel green stitches are regular thread, conductive thread is the bobbin (bottom) thread for these stitches & is underneath the fabric. the grey patches at the LEDs make contact w/ these column threads on the back of the fabric.

  3. array_of_light 82 months ago | reply

    Sweet! Why do you have two horizontal traces per row, though?

    Linked here from hack-a-day!
    (This is T3h_Muffinator, by the way)

  4. swayframe 82 months ago | reply

    "smd soldering on machine embroidered circuit"

    So - did you solder the SMD LEDs directly to the embroidery?

  5. leahbuechley 82 months ago | reply

    hi muffinator! no particular reason for 2 horizontal traces... you really only need 1.

  6. jeanbaptisteparis 82 months ago | reply

    yey !

    now the litlle led dot should move according to the deformation of the textile ;)


  7. Yeeter 82 months ago | reply

    This is excellent, now you need to combine it with Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories' Peggy 2.0. If you are unfamiliar, it is an open source hardware project, (up to) 25X25 LED controller, that can even handle sprite animations.

  8. oskay 82 months ago | reply

    Leah's circuit already has the same architecture and capability as the Peggy 2.0; her fabric circuit here is BAD-ASS, and I'm sure she'll find some fantastic things to do with it. :)

  9. talk2myShirt 82 months ago | reply

    Amazing (simple) technique to create a display that fully deserves the 'textile display' label. I wonder what kind/type of conductive yarn is used to allow direct soldering of components?

  10. XYinteraction 82 months ago | reply

    If 8 LED are light ON at the same time (one line), What is the maximum power of an LED, to be sure to no burn the Lily?

  11. mattie_shoes 82 months ago | reply

    Hmm I wonder if you could combine these with capacitors to have them light up based proximity to ground or some such.

    ground in the electrical sense... :)

  12. xxlivevil_gxx 82 months ago | reply

    hi where can i buy the silver thread?

  13. leahbuechley 82 months ago | reply

    I'm soldering to metal wrapped yarn, but also using silver plated yarns. the silver plated yarns you can get from sparkfun:

    as for maximum power xy/md, I've never burned out a lily, it'll just max out at 40mA, so if you turn on lots of lights at once they'll be dimmer than one light would... coming to boston to visit sometime? cheers!

  14. FruteJuce 63 months ago | reply

    I love this

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