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    The days of overheated housing markets and "people maxing out on their credit cards" are over, Obama said Friday (3/13/09) in describing that "post-bubble" model.

    “The days of any-time, any-reason rate hikes and late-fee traps have to end,” the president said at the White House after meeting with top executives from the nation’s largest credit card companies, a session Mr. Obama called “constructive.”

    “No more fine print, no more confusing terms and conditions,” the president said, following up on campaign pledges to try to curtail high fees and rates and chop away at the thickets of fine print in credit card statements. 4/23/09

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    1. Sweet Freak 102 months ago | reply

      Yay!! How wonderful!

    2. cameosteph 102 months ago | reply

      but it was expired :o)

    3. Hryck. 102 months ago | reply

      This inspired me to do the same thing with my Giant Eagle Cookie Card. Very freeing.

    4. Karen of Seven Fields 102 months ago | reply

      a VISA burning is a great shot!

    5. btezra [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      ~burn baby, burn!~

    6. Diann* 102 months ago | reply

      I can relate to this one..we burnt ours a few years back. It is defintely freeing!

    7. ShimmeeGrrl 102 months ago | reply

      did it just take one match?!!

    8. leafy 102 months ago | reply

      ... ha! ... no dammit, it took half a dozen! ... ;o)

    9. gun show 102 months ago | reply

      I'll let you burn mine if you pay 'em off first.

    10. hemoglobinhummingbird 101 months ago | reply

      Good for you, my friend!

    11. leafy 101 months ago | reply

      thanks hemo ... you've been there for me ...

    12. {marybeth} 81 months ago | reply

      hmmm, and I thought cutting them was fun. actually I ripped mine apart at the bank and dramatically threw it about to go along with my few choice words for S&T bank....fees are a bitch.

    13. ladybugbkt 79 months ago | reply

      Great freedom shot

    14. leafy 73 months ago | reply

      How many CEO's does it take to screw in a light bulb? ... only one, but he'll quit and leave the job to someone else after he gets his million dollar bonus ...

    15. Consumerist Dot Com 72 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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