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Evil Conspiring Pelican | by leaders
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Evil Conspiring Pelican

Interestingness #488: 12-16-2006


Mr. Brown Pelican wants to utilize questionable and illegal fund-raising techniques. His hypocrisy is transparent. Even the least discerning among us can see right through it. Mr. Pelican's most annoying tactic is to fabricate a phony war between inconsiderate kooks and vengeful wackos. This way, he can subjugate both groups into helping him make a fetish of the virtues of mindless Pyrrhonism. For instance, it is a fact that Mr. Pelican appears to have found a new tool to use to help him renege on an incredibly large number of promises. That tool is alcoholism, and if you watch him wield it you'll honestly see why he maintains that the moon is made of green cheese. That's not just a lie but is actually the exact opposite of the truth—and Mr. Pelican knows it. Why is Mr. Pelican deliberately turning the truth on its head like that?

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Uploaded on December 16, 2006