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Gunshot to the HDTV | by
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Gunshot to the HDTV

My tv-out is completely broken... gun shot wounds to the face...


…and one of the greatest examples of group think is the stigma given to conspiracy theories. The phrase “conspiracy theory” gives a distinct impression to the average person. The JFK assassination, Area 51, Roswell, government cover ups, strange disappearances… These subjects probably sound a bit too fantasy for the average person. And it’s quite understandable. They’re supposed to sound made up. Throughout the mistranslation of time, and embellishment of these stories, facts were added or omitted. Some may be true and some may be false, but one thing’s for sure, if a global secret needed to remain hidden, yet began emerging among the public, the best cover up is to embellish or alter the story until it sounds ludicrous. So what happens when the secret involves the government and the government has intimate ties to the mainstream media. And the mainstream media, as said before, has been proven to sway at least 80% of the public’s opinion. The logic is undeniable. Media in every form is put in place to make people feel stupid for even keeping an open mind towards conspiracy theories.

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Taken on July 1, 2008