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51 / 52: Change | by -Teddy
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51 / 52: Change

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Friday’s Food for Thought


As long as there is time there is change.


We all love to see change as long as it is for the better, never bad. Most of all, we want others to change for us. We are critical of others who refuse to change their ways but we never view ourselves first for change. It is so easy to ask others to make change but it seems so hard for us to do it. Believe it or not, the best way to change the environment we live in is to change you. Sometimes we have to be the example for others to see that change is possible.


The enemies of change are fear, laziness, and pain. Fear of what others would think and of failure. No one likes to be rejected we all want to be accepted. So we keep life monotone even though deep inside we are yearning for change. If we cut away all the excuses we make and be honest with ourselves we find laziness sitting right in our lap keeping us from getting up and putting change in motion. Anytime you make change pain is going to be present which no one likes but if you continue to press forward the pain will not bother you any more.


Before we ask others for change we need to start asking ourselves "when are you going to change?"


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Taken on June 20, 2008