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    This DIY strip light is my entry for the softbox contest.

    Full dislosure: this design is not fully my own. I first saw a "SaberStrip" being used by the crazy guys over at lightenupandshoot dot net.

    The original is at saberstrip dot com.

    It got me to thinking I could make a SabreStrip myself. The materials and excecution of this build are all my own.

    Following is a description of my DIY SabreStrip as entry for the softbox contest.


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    1. mfsheehan 45 months ago | reply

      I still prefer the original SaberStrips as their tube material is lighter AND stronger. Their white sail cloth material covering is VERY durable, and their inside reflector is specially designed for even light distribution. Worth every nickel! They look very professional too.

    2. ShelaghH 45 months ago | reply

      Yes, but since they are currently only available in the U.S., it's good to know how to build a replica.

    3. abatarphoto 45 months ago | reply


    4. nathij 45 months ago | reply

      fantastic work.
      i'm thinking a low pressure PVC pipe could be used instead of the flooring tube - but cutting of the rectangular area would be a challenge though.

      anyhow, i really like this.
      thanks for posting :)

    5. nathij 45 months ago | reply

      one more question.
      what did u use to line the inside of the tube? did u leave it as it is?

    6. LBPhotoWinnipeg 42 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the comments everyone.
      Granted it's not as slick as the original but it does the job.

      I posted a photo of the test I did of the light distribution. It spreads a lot more than I thought it would. I intend to add a grid or barn door-type wings to limit the light spread.

      I lined it with previously crumpled tin foil. I spread glue throughout the inside and applied the tin foil evenly. It doesn't need to be durable, just needs to reflect the light.

      The last photo has what I found to be the best flash settings.

    7. LBPhotoWinnipeg 41 months ago | reply

      A couple improvements for v.1.2, that I implemented on V1.0 as well:

      I changed the paint I use. I tried automotive Rocker Guard hoping for a tougher and rubberized finish. It certainly is a lot tougher so doesn't chip or peel but it doesn't have the rubberized feel I had hoped for. It is texturized though, which helps with the appearance.

      Also, I had some cotton sheet material cut and sewn to size with velcro added to the edges. So I can now stretch the fabric nice and tight over the opening. Also, it stands up well to location changes and being moved about.

    8. Sakari Nylund 39 months ago | reply

      Hi, have you found these being useful light modifiers? I think I'll build one of these too.

    9. James Stanworth 32 months ago | reply

      I don't this this is meant to compete against the original! Seems like you haven't quite got the idea of this competition.

    10. Ralph Oechsle 13 months ago | reply

      great work, very well done !!!

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