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Scart House

We were driving around the southwest side of the Ring of Kerry near Castlecove when I looked to the left and saw we were zooming right by this fantastic looking old Georgian house set back from the road (and a "For Sale" sign outside the stone wall along the road).


Well, I slammed on the breaks, hit reverse (yeah, drove right past it...) and backed up to the closed wrought iron gates. I got out of the car and peered through the gates wishing to get much closer.


Then I remembered. This is Ireland!! Why don't I check the gate and, if open, just stroll on through and check the place out? That's what I did. People in Ireland are exceptionally friendly and aren't nearly as snobbish as us Americans when it comes to private property. That was our experience anyway.


We were about 50 feet or so from the front of the house when a dog came tearing toward us from our right (and the right side of frame as you see it here). My sister bailed and ran back outside the gates, as the dog took a particular interest in gnawing on her ankle.


Well, turns out it was just a rambunctious, playful, and well-meaning puppy. The owner of the dog, a super nice older lady, eventually found her way over and was surprisingly happy to see us wandering about the property. She told us that she had grown up in this house, raised her family in it, eventually built the place next door, and sold Scart House to a couple from Germany who, to their great misfortune it appears, purchased the house before the real estate crash.


My understanding is that the husband's business did not do well and the couple moved back to Germany and have been trying to sell the house for more than 2 years. The original asking price was over a million euro. If I remember correctly, the price - at the time of our "visit" - had been dropped to about 750,000 euro.


Make no mistake about it. This place is cool!!! I would buy it if I could afford it. The lady who was telling us about it (I feel bad I can't remember her name now) really wanted a nice couple to move in, as she is now living alone. She offered to give us a tour of the inside and was mildly disappointed when we declined. In hindsight, I think we should have accepted her offer because I think it would have made her day to show the house again and tell some more of its history - even if she knew we could not seriously consider buying it.


We strolled all around the property and peered through many of the windows. The interior is definitely a work in progress and is halfway remodeled, with new lime mortar plaster on some walls and not on others. Whoever buys it will need to invest much more than the original purchase price to get the whole place up to par.


In doing a Google search for "Scart House," I found the seller's website. If you're interested, you can learn much more there. Thanks for stopping by and reading. ;-)


And if you buy Scart House, let me know. I'll come visit!


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Taken on September 11, 2011