LAZZATI Linea T-Type Ram Milling HB 2TF
Horizontal Boring Mill with Fix Ram built in automatic universal head and rotary table:

A UA 360 Automatic Universal Head 1°x1° 60kW RPM4.500
Fix Ram=500x400
X=3.000 - Y=2.600 - Z=1.500
Rotary Table 15Ton B=1.600x2.000
CNC Heidenhain iTNC640-HSCI
JT - Chip Conveyor
LHS-T - LAZZATI Hydrostatic System for T-Type
DCE – Digitalized Control of Endpoints
DPS – Double Pinion System for X & B axes movement
DSR – Dynamic Setting of Axis
LES – LAZZATI Energy Saving
LFC – LAZZATI Feed Control
LRD – LAZZATI Remote Diagnosis
O CM - LAZZATI Collision monitoring
O RT3D - RTCP Management of the Heads in the space 3D
TCS – Thermal Control System
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