• Sam---->A dangerous driver. seriously - Monjori
  • 5mph. thanks for pointing it out. Not that fast & furious :P - Monjori
  • lol that's the rpm meter Monjori... the speedometer is on my right :p
  • btw... ghum nai? (=
  • I think Prodip bhai will agree with you ;)
  • Oh tai bolo.. :) - Monjori
  • Add kazi vai in the list ;P - Monjori
  • O left'e naa thakle mone hoy pic ta aro clean ashto :P ..Size does matter you know :P - rushorahman
  • Cool light - M R Hasan
  • second that ! - BlubberFace.
  • My fav car :) - BinHaider
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Fast & Furious

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Most of you guys probably don't know, photography is not my first passion.
Driving is [well, more like street-racing :p] I have been driving on the streets for over thirteen years now, and I'm still loving it! :D
So, this shot goes to all the crazy car lovers like me out there in flickr [Let me know if you are one (=]

This is Sam riding his 330 horses in Times Square while I was squeezing myself in the backseat with tripod and all trying to capture the lighting effect. It didn't quite come out the way I wanted it to be. Apparently, New York's streets are too bumpy for a shot like this. Maybe I'll try this again in a convertible sometimes next summer on I-95 in south Florida ;)

Must view large on black (=


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  1. nani_89 38 months ago | reply

    this is so awesome!

  2. .Ghosttown. 34 months ago | reply

    Wow! Excellent shot! Love the sense of motion.

  3. Reflexionist 34 months ago | reply

    Uno scatto favoloso!
    (a fabulous shot!)

  4. ♥ Angel of light ♥ 34 months ago | reply

    saw this on the flickr blog, amazing shot!

  5. Don'z 34 months ago | reply

    wow.!!! great shot!

  6. Chromatic Dramatic [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    Great shot.

    This is my take on a similar thing.

    65/366 - Warp Speed

    Warp speed @ 10km/hr

  7. Stephen Boodram 34 months ago | reply

    Totally inspired by ALL of your work!

  8. personne.de.chandigarh 34 months ago | reply

    "..didn't quite come out.."
    Maybe you'd wanted some different result, but I, as a viewer am simply delighted at the way it did come out.
    Great image.
    Love the blur and the way the interior of the moving car appears nearly rock steady even at 3.2 secs.
    Thanks for sharing.
    {Seen on The Flickr Blog}.

  9. Peter Ras 34 months ago | reply

    Great capture... I kinda like the cropped version where you lose the gearknob and get more focus on the windshield and not the interior... :)

  10. photo%phreak 34 months ago | reply

    Awsome photograph. The uncropped version is my favourite and I think that the balance between inside and out works perfectly. The inside looks calm and in control the outside wild and fast. To me it could almost be a product shot for the car itself; you are painting a tantilising and edgy lifestyle that some may aspire to though never actually experience.

  11. SheilaMink 34 months ago | reply

    Soooo beautiful!

  12. Mar7ita Bint F 34 months ago | reply

    Perfect portrait

  13. Abdullah Aldahami Photography 33 months ago | reply

    Love it..

    You are welcome to visit my Flickr here: Abdullah Aldahami
    Time wrinkles has no limits Toy City Feed Your Brain Missing You ... Smashed Yester

  14. Siannys 33 months ago | reply


  15. ☆asteriskos 32 months ago | reply

    Love it! Too bad it's an automatic, I know you don't care but driving manual is so much fun!

  16. Attila Terdik 32 months ago | reply

    this is cool :)

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