Disrupting the System II
June 18, 2019 Washington DC: Lazarex Cancer Foundation hosted a roundtable at the National Press Club for a productive discussion among some of the biggest disruptors and innovators in oncology, patient advocacy and public policy on making cancer research more accessible to ALL patients.

The Lazarex Disruptor Award was presented to
Congressman Jamie Raskin
Congressman Bobby L. Rush

Patient participation in cancer clinical trials remains abysmally low: only 5% of patients enroll in clinical trials. We will examine and discuss cutting edge ideas intended to increase participation, minority enrollment and retention.

Panel I: What Happens in the Community, Stays in the Community
Access to advanced medicine, wherever you live… is it possible?

Dana Dornsife, Founder, Lazarex Cancer Foundation
Christian Downs, Executive Director, Assn of Community Cancer Centers
Glenn Ellis, Sr., MPH, President, Strategies for Well-Being
Jude Ngang, Manager, Clinical Research Study, Amgen

We will explore the idea and feasibility of bringing cancer clinical trials into the community and engaging patients where they live. We will also examine a new program aimed at eliminating barriers to cancer clinical trial enrollment and the value of telemedicine and wearables in the process.

Panel II: On the Verge of a Personalized Breakthrough
Multiomics, comorbidities and what it all means for the patient

Dana Dornsife, Founder, Lazarex Cancer Foundation
Dr. John Whyte, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, WebMD
Emanuel “Chip” Petricoin, Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer, Perthera

To better understand how patients develop cancer and the best options for treatment, researchers are examining patients’ unique biological function by zeroing in on the “omics” – genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. We will demystify the process and discuss groundbreaking innovations intended to further personalize treatment.
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