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Pryce: Macabre Halloween Challenge 2.0 | by Lawrence D. Pryce
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Pryce: Macabre Halloween Challenge 2.0

Now with all the festivites of Blogger Classifieds Anniversary concluded, it's time to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the

💀 Pryce: Macabre Halloween Challenge 💀 ! Last year's submissions were deliciously demented! Eerily twisted in surrealism which invoked fear and unnerved the unexpected! The Grimm Brothers and Samhain himself, would've been proud of the creativity of all the participating Photographers. Each surpassed expectations as they delve within the depths of their mind to capture some of the most ghastly, intensely sinister imagery, which left us enamored and emotionally disturbed.


Remember this theme is dark! It's NOT about painted faces, costumes and the fun of Halloween. No! The Macabre Challenge is sweet horrific and provocative imagery that resonates in the minds of viewers. Your objective is to unnerve us while simultaneously causing us to admire the beauty of what you've captured.


EVERYONE is welcomed to participate, as long as you are comfortable with dark/macabre expressive imagery, pose manipulation, shadow and light exercises. Please read over the guidelines below and bring your imagination to life.






- What is Macabre? Disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury. We are NOT seeking Halloween themed images but art work that is sinister and thought provoking. Please see Pinterest link for examples to the theme.


- This Edition ends Thursday, October 31st! You have all month long and welcome to submit as many images as you desire!


- Images uploaded prior to the announcement date of the Macabre Challenge will NOT be permitted.


- Images are NOT required to be recreations! The canvas is yours to explore but your image MUST embrace the spirit of the theme! Please use the Pinterest link as a reference for acceptable themed images:


[Pryce Macabre Halloween Challenge Pinterst]: UPDATED


- The composition of the image is open, however you must follow the theme of the challenge. So, feel free to choose between black/white, monochrome, full color, fading/weathered, sepia and etc. Only images that embrace the spirit of this theme will be invited to the Challenge photo gallery.


- Nudity: Please know it is allowed but only in context of your themed image. As you know, seen one pixel seen them all! If nudity serves a VIABLE purpose, go for it. If not, please refrain.


- Violence upon children or any depiction thereof is prohibited!


- You are welcome to show me an image you have chosen from the gallery pool for inspiration. Again, your image does NOT have to be a recreation but if you choose to recreate one, that is fine.


- Please tag me and label/title your image as: Pryce: Macabre Halloween Challenge 2.0 on Flickr.


- On Facebook, please use the hyperlink: #PryceMacabreHalloweenChallengeII and feel free to tag me.


Let's enjoy this holiday together and have fun! Be as disturbingly demented as you desire! It's highly recommended! If you should have any questions, concerns or need help, simply drop me a line InWorld, Facebook or a Flickr mail and I would be more than happy to answer whatever you may need.


Thank you all and let the haunting commence! 💀


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Taken on September 28, 2019