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Adam/Pryce: Love Hate Challenge | by Lawrence D. Pryce
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Adam/Pryce: Love Hate Challenge

The collaboration of the Adam/Pryce: Love Hate Challenge for the month of February has begun. This ambitious venture caters to both the warmth of love and the contrary disposition of love. After all, this is the month of Valentine's Day and one is to embrace the euphoric submerging of romance, courting and sheer indulgence of the holiday; yet Adam and I challenge you to choose! Will you dote as Adam encourages or will you express the angst, pain, anger, heartbreak, misery, betrayal or fury love has scorned or riddled within your relationship..for me?


The choice is yours and you are even welcome to embark on both themes to push your own personal limits! As we want to enjoy the beautiful imagery captured through the heart or angst of your lens.


EVERYONE is welcomed to participate. Simply read over EACH set of guidelines, as they both differ! Then choose either one or both to complete. The choice is yours. You have till Thursday, February 28th to complete as many images as you desire!



Pryce: Hate Me Guidelines/Requirements:



- - Images depicting personal bodily injury, suicide, domestic or gun violence/usage will NOT be permitted. Understandably the craze of love gnaws upon our primal impulse to lash out or have thoughts of bodily harm upon the person of our companion. However, these two issues plague our society and for the purpose of this Challenge, I respectfully ask you to refrain. You are welcome to express the dire, despair and rage emotion experienced either within a relationship or the aftermath of a break up.


- The composition of the Hate Me Challenge is black/white, monochrome or sepia. The heart of the Hate Me Challenge is the raw potent emotion of the heartache, sadness, loneliness, anger, passion, and despise perspective in illustrating the contrary feel of love. Sorry NO color images permitted.


- CROPPING is essential! The subject(s) is the focus. We want to experience the expression of your image without all the background. It's your pain or refusal and I want front row seats. Please view the Pinterest link for examples.


- Feel free to take your image with one or two subjects. Please note, couple images are to reflect emotion of discord, sorrow, exhaustion from an argument, disconnect and the etc. NO images of loving affection. Show me the aggravation or even a passionate gaze or embrace indicative of a moment after an argument or disagreement.


- Images are NOT required to be recreated! The canvas is yours to explore but your image MUST embrace the spirit of the theme! Please use the Pinterest link as a reference for acceptable themed images:


[Adam/Pryce: Love Hate Me Challenge Pinterest Link]:-


- Nudity: Please know it is allowed but fully exposed breast or private areas is NOT allowed. This is your opportunity to utilize the shading and/or blur technique to express the mood/message of your images. Seen one pixel we've seen them all. Let's get creative!


- You are welcome to show me an image you have chosen from the gallery pool for inspiration. Again, your image does NOT have to be a recreation but if you choose to recreate one, that is fine as well.


- On Flickr please label/title your image as: #AdamPryceLoveHateChallenge and tag me!


- On Facebook please use the hyperlink: #AdamPryceLoveHateChallenge and tag me!



| Hate Me Challenge Update/Clarification | READ




Adam: Love Me Guidelines/Requirements:


- Love Me Challenge submissions MUST be taken at Southern Roots.



- Explore the entire sim, use the TP boards and visit the Town Square and Games Area as well as the Main Sim and pick your spot to take your image. The idea of the Love Me challenge is to capture the thrill and emotion of love and happiness, the way it makes you feel. Get creative with the use of colour and lighting to stimulate your images.


- Feel free to take solo shots depicting the love you have for yourself and your surroundings. Couple shots sharing the intimacy and connection between the two. Group shots showing the feeling of fun and fulfillment between friends.


- Nudity: Please know it is allowed but fully exposed breast or private areas is NOT allowed. This is your opportunity to utilize the shading and/or blur technique to express the mood/message of your images. Seen one pixel we've seen them all. Let's get creative!


- You are welcome to submit both raw or edited images, please do not send multiples of the same image with different Windlights or from different angles. You choose your favorite one and submit it. You can send as many images as you like providing each is different.


- Submit your image on Flickr and please label/title your image as: #AdamPryceLoveHateChallenge and tag me! You can also add your image to my Flickr Group #AdamsPhotoChallenge:


- Submit your image via Facebook and include #AdamPrycePhotoChallenge and tag me:


- Submit you image via InWorld labeled #AdamPrycePhotoChallenge: Adam Lavell (das1980)


- All images must be submitted by Midnight SLT Thursday 28th February.


So get to Southern Roots and explore, take some great images and show me what love means to you. Have fun snapping!




If you should have any questions, concerns or need help, simply drop us a line and we'd be more than happy to answer whatever you may need. Have Fun!


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Taken on January 1, 2019