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1912 to 1913 AH 1327 Turkey Gold 500 Kurush of Muhammad V - Obverse

1909 AH 1327 - 4

1327 AH was the accession date of Muhammad V, which is shown on the reverse (this side) of the coin.

The obverse (other side) shows the numeral 4, for the fourth year of his reign, as 1327 was the first year, this means we need to add 3 to the accession date. 1327 + 3 = 1330 AH

Simple, huh?

The easiest way to convert the Turkish date to the western Gregorian calendar is to look it up online. The Turks have used both solar and lunar Arabic calendars at different times, and for different purposes, so it can get complicated.

There are alternative westernised spellings of Kurush, including Quiresh, and a Kurush is the same as a Piastre.

100 Kurush = 1 Turkish Pound or Lira.

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Taken on February 20, 2007