testing new film, late feb 2010
i was truly lucky and honored to be one of 40 testers of the new monochrome polaroid film created by The Impossible Project -- it was a real treat and joy to mess around with this film & see what it could do.

we were each sent four packs of film in late Feb 2010 -- i received three packs of the Type 40 emulsion, more sepia-toned and slightly more stable (although still incredibly light sensitive), and one of Type 43, which at least initially had a more true black-and-white tone (from TIP's print of one of them, the tones seem to have shifted in a more sepia direction over several days' time).

these photos are my scans of my test shots, conducted feb 24-28 -- i'm organizing this set in chronological order, so you can see how my "experiments" progressed. i did NOT use an ND filter (I don't have one), and i left the dark/light dial at neutral at all times (actually forgot i had it available). I received my packs on Feb 24, and had to send all the originals back to TIP on march 1st.

overall, i LOVED these films -- even though its light (and temperature, apparently, although i didn't run into problems with that) sensitivity made it unpredictable and somewhat hard to work with. through trial and error i got more consistent results, except for the last pack of Type 40, which was shot on a sunny day & i couldn't get the image covered/shielded from ambient light fast enough to avoid overexposure.

i was also completely surprised and utterly thrilled to learn that TIP chose two of my images to include as large prints at their press conference on March 22 (also included in their on-line collection). seeing the other images they had chosen, i can hardly believe my little snaps are in such grand company.

thank you to everyone at TIP for this unique opportunity to test their wonderful film -- i can't wait to try some more!
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