Exploratorium on the Move: San Francisco Road Show Comes to the Mission –photos and story by Craig Davis
SAN FRANCISCO After 43 years, San Francisco’s famous interactive museum is closing up shop at the Palace of Fine Arts to move to Pier 15 on the Embarcadero. To kick off the move the museum decided to take their show on the road. On Sunday March 10th, “On the Road” events were held across San Francisco at the Embarcadero, the Bayview District, and at the Buena Vista Horace Mann School in the Mission.
The Mission “Road Show” featured artworks, exhibits, music performances, activities and “contraptions”. Among the Exploratorium exhibits were the popular “Shadowbox” and “Paint with Light”. The music performers included the drum group Loco Bloco, folk dance group Escuela de Danza Cuicacalli, Kelly McFarland & Megan Keely and the local youth band Los Chilis Verdes. Some of the members of the Chilis Verdes were alumni of the Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary School. Their choice of music for the event was from the repertoire of another Mission District alumnus, Carlos Santana.
Accompanying the day’s performers were dancers from Dream Circus. The San Francisco Low Riders Council featured a car show there as well. The “contraptions” department showcased two of the works of a crazy consortium of bohemian artists from West Oakland led by John Sarriucarte and Krysten Mate. Running amuck and dressed up like 1920’s biplane barnstormers, this bunch was hard to miss. The two featured “contraptions” that they rode around in, the “Giant Mean Snail Car” and the smaller blimp-like “Zapellini” easily gave the car show a run for its money.

The new and improved San Francisco Exploratorium will be opening on April 27th.
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