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I think the subway is my muse. I remember the first time I ever visited this city I rode the train and I fell in love with the rhythm of going and stopping and people getting on and people getting off, it was all so simple and everyone did it with such grace, like everyone knew where they were going and it was all so much different then being in a car... and some people seemed rushed which was cool because other people seemed so nonchalant. I listened to my portable cd player and sat in the yellow and orange L-shaped sections of the F train watching all of them, they were celebrities to my Ohio eyes... that people could be in transit with one another and not be contained in a four-wheeled, sealed car all alone or with one or two other people. We were all in transit TOGETHER. And even now as a New Yorker I look at the subway sometimes and step outside my present self and watch them as I watched them when I was 13, everyone as a celebrity in that moment, everyone making up the scene in the subway at that given moment. And it's all because the subway is my muse, even to my young self. And now I'm riding it everyday. If you had told me that back then, I woulda been like "NO. WAY." So what... I live here so I can impress my 13 year old self? She doesn't even exist anymore. Well, I went to India because my 11 year old self wanted to go. Am I a collection of desires wanted in middle and high schools?


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Taken on November 28, 2009