2010 ~ Week 13
Saturday Farmer's Market -- people and vegetables / Chalk artists in front of the Portland Art Museum / Blossoms and the closed sign ~ Z Z Z Z.

Sunday begins with the blue broom right after the Z Z Z Z. Fun stuff around the Encore there at the Northrup corner where the Streetcar turns and heads west. The Japanese motif in the window and the string instrument shop bookcase a tattoo parlor. Imagine, tattoos in the Pearl. I need to get a shot of that. A few other shots from the north side of Burnside and then one in the South Park Blocks where the Lutherans are walking in a processional. My 365 days selfportrait, the abandoned Dodge and a few other shots end the day with the beamed up shoes and boots.

Ah, Monday. Busy day. Raining. Umbrellas, streetcars, dogs waiting. The story of rainy Portland. Begin with the Olympus film camera captured at Boyd's coffee shop across from the Portland Art Museum and continue through to the green 008 Streetcar...

Tuesday (ah Tuesday, spent it in bed)

Wednesday, great day with birds singing in the South Park Blocks and other great photos... Start with the leaves. Check out Lincoln's hand and feet as well as the child in the pink jacket. And then there's the glorious sunset shots along with the portrait of my "son".

Thursday has images of Park Avenue, people on the street, Hobbes the orange cat and ends with light swirls of the Newmark Theatre.

Friday starts with the blue news stand covered with stickers!
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