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    For Strobists: One SB600 on a stand, camera left triggered by an SU800.

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    1. tltan 84 months ago | reply

      wonderful execution! lighting is perfect

    2. ( Billy Raayn Photography 84 months ago | reply

      Wow.........Aside from an excellent photo, that girl got some air!

    3. Simon Burgess 84 months ago | reply

      wow - wish i could do that! very dramatic shot!! one mild comment: the lighting makes it look a little artificial - is that she is in a studio and the sea is another pic. i can see from the next one along that this isn't true, but there is somehow a lot of "separation" between her and the background coming from the flash i guess.

    4. Cappy5511 84 months ago | reply

      Totally awesome:)

      What'd ya do for the lights here, Laurie?

    5. lauriemarie01 84 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone!

      Cappy5511 I just asked her to hold that position while I light painted her. Actually, it's just an SB600 on a stand camera left triggered by an SU800.

      Simon Burgess Simon, between the need to use flash and Briana's superhuman ability to leap, this wasn't going to look natural. So, I just pushed things in the opposite direction.

    6. Robert_Brown [bracketed] 84 months ago | reply

      Man, that girl can jump! Next time, get her up just a bit higher, above the horizon line. I'm having a hard time figuring out where you were shooting from--eye level or down low closer to the ground?

    7. tuthdoc99 84 months ago | reply

      great picture.....really like this one a lot.

    8. Gone (delete this account) [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      Whaaah thats great! The processing does something strange to her skin, or is that just me?

    9. B-Hart 84 months ago | reply

      This girl has one helluva C jump. Fantastic!

    10. BuckarooBob 84 months ago | reply

      great shot--though I'm afraid I find Briana just a little too "hot". (speaking of the strobe intensity--not her beauty of acrobatics). Wonderful work.

    11. lauriemarie01 84 months ago | reply

      Thanks for all the comments and feedback.

      21LTD Not exactly sure what you're seeing but because her skin was wet, there were some different looking highlights.

      B-Hart She does indeed.

      BuckarooBob's a bit hot. It was a challenge knowing when she'd become airborne. I've processed this a few different ways. I have one processed more dramatically, actually with more contrast that I might prefer.

    12. Don Giannatti (aka wizwow) 84 months ago | reply

      Dang! You Florida folks simply rocked on the beach!

    13. Just Chimpin' 84 months ago | reply

      Great compo. I love more sky on top.. Dramatic!

    14. scone_pix 83 months ago | reply

      wow! awesome shot!

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