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Paul & Mike corncrake | by Laurie Pink
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Paul & Mike corncrake


The "Paul & Mike" collection. Paul is a green bunny & mike is a pink cat.


I drew these over christmas time last year, to coincide with Paul Cornell's Doctor Who story, illustrated by comic artist Mike Collins, being published in The Daily Telegraph on a date I have forgotten, but suspect may have been the 23rd.


Mike is a mate of mine from years ago, when me & ess met him at a sci-fi convention (I did warn you I was a happy nerd). We are mates who have probably met enough times to count on one hands, but still mates. He's lovely. And he's drawn for most things worth drawing for that you can shake a stick at - the most lofty & impressive of exposure (in my mind anyway), being 2000AD (yes, he has drawn judge dredd). He also regularly draws Dr.Who comics. I have some brilliant original superhero artwork of his somewhere, and when I find it I will be very happy, for I can finally put it on the wall where it belongs.


If you're a happy Doctor Who nerd like me, you'll probably already know that Mr.Cornell is responsible for one of the best new Who episodes so far ("Human Nature" and "Family of Blood").


I drew these to post in the pictures section of the "my story in the telegraph" group that Paul & Mike (or Paul's agent) set up, because there were no pictures in it & it looked sad.


All the "Paul & Mike..." bits rhyme, because if you joined the group & posted a message saying "Paul & Mike are great", your name went into a prize draw to win a piece of lovely original artwork. The few that don't (loosely) rhyme with 'are great' are those that were posted after the story had been published - sort of post-script drawings.


I was the most squealy little monkey in the forest when Paul sent me a message saying how much he liked them. He posted a link on his blog & everything.


I should have put these up ages ago, but forgot & just rediscovered them on a folder shuffle, so I am uploading them now.


Now you should go and look at paul's blog & mike's webpage & learn further how lovely & clever they both are. Dahhhhling.


Oh, and, yes - there is the same captiony bit on all of these pictures. Sorry. I'm feeling lazy.

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Taken on December 21, 2007