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When I was over visiting my family in Scotland I found one of my Granny's cameras, there were 5 frames shot on it. My Granny, Jessie, passed away 18 months ago. The camera probably hadn't been used for at least two years before that. The film was crappy and I didn't really have huge expectations that anything would come out. So I shot up the rest of the roll and got it developed.

Only 2 of the 5 original shots came out. The big surprise is that my Granny is IN one of the pictures!

Apparently this was one of two cameras my grandparents used regularly.


As a family we often would drive around the highlands on day trips or weekend road trips, it's something that both my grandparents and my mum enjoy a lot. So it could have been my mum, my mum's partner, my grandpa or even me or my sister who took this picture...


My Granny always had a camera with her and loved taking pictures, it's one of the things I remember most consistently about her when I was a child. I am very lucky to have found this, I am also lucky to have had a grandparent who loved photography and was encouraging. As well as my father, who always made sure we had cameras when we were kids it was my Granny who always wanted to see pictures I took and asked me if I would take photos of my friends or where I was living.


Finding this is lovely, it is encouraging and made me so happy to remember her.


(p.s this is why film is magic)

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Uploaded on February 28, 2009