• das ist toll <3 - Wandering Heart
  • perfektes bild, so wunderwunderschön und voll emotion <3 wow. - Wandering Heart
  • <3 - Jessica Christ
  • this is so sad and emotive and beautiful. - Angharad R.
  • you form such a beautiful unit togehter full of love, it's incredible. - somewhereontheedge
  • Laura, oh my goodness this is so incredibly stunning. I'm in love with this photo. Wow. Just wow. - Whitney Justesen
  • This may be one of my favorite photos ever. It is so beautiful and it portrays so much and I just... I get tears in my eyes watching it because there seems to be a sadness in your eyes, and you hold him like you don't ever want to let go. ♥
    (Also, I recommend everyone to press L) - Noukka Signe
  • wonderful frame! - ~Ơ~

about yin and yang

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Night and day. Calm and active. South and north. Black and white. We are contrasts that harmonize perfectly.

(sooc. i opened it in photoshop and tried several things but in the end i liked the original best.)

I already feel how much pain missing him will cause.

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