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if you don't like your world turn it upside down

From yesterday when I had two hours of spare time and walked through the English Garden. I've never done self portraits with so many people walking by. It was so, so hard to concentrate on my camera. Even more because the passing people were kind of irritated by my pose :)


Square format: I asked some of you on this fabulous facebook group what to shoot and answers were 'square format' & 'personal experience' (and some more which I tried to change over in photos I will upload the next days). I kind of feel like it's a new fad and a lot of cool people only use it because Alex S. succeed with it + I normally use to keep the formats the same on my stream BUT but but i got over it and tried it and it's kind of ok. ah ---> normal version in comments :) i like it a little better. what do you think?


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Taken on June 5, 2012