winter tale (about a girl who bears winter in her heart)

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    1. coollessons2004 31 months ago | reply

      Beautiful piece of art, Laura.

      p.s. what a gorgeous series.

    2. ℛita Pinto 31 months ago | reply

      This is really beautiful <3

    3. asdkfjaleijfsikdj.liaejfdlkfja.leif [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

      tell the girl not to worry: the prince is coming, bringing warmth in his hands.

    4. Layla Jaglovs 31 months ago | reply

      this is the most beautiful one, Laura.. and the last one in comments is marvellous <3

    5. .orphin 31 months ago | reply

      couldn't be any more sensual, real, honest, tender, enchanting, beautiful, close....
      i admire you for your captures of life, poetry and sensitivity. deeply.

    6. laura makabresku 31 months ago | reply

      Thank you for all of your words. It means really a lot for me, aspecially today, when freezing air is crunching my heart and don't allow to feel any happiness.

    7. .orphin 31 months ago | reply

      i am happy that my words make a little difference for you, really.
      if you're not happy, i'll try being it a bit for you :)
      yes it's getting cold so fast now..and i'm sure that it's way colder in poland already than here...
      light a candle and try to let the warmth inside.
      i run around the house with a hot water bottle and tea all the time.. :)
      black tea with milk, honey and cinnamon is great when feeling cold and down.

    8. laura makabresku 31 months ago | reply

      Yes, there' s nothing better than hot coffee or tea with flavours. I'm now drinking beer with honey. Maybe it'll warm this frozen, stupid heart a little that allows to freeze so easily.

    9. artos_thebear 30 months ago | reply

      Beautiful, with a tinge of sadness. I love how you used your light in this!

    10. JenO'K 30 months ago | reply

      Enchanting, so beautifully intimate

    11. Gabriela G Niejadlik 30 months ago | reply

      so beautiful, the silence is amazing.

    12. Ronnielle 30 months ago | reply

      so cinematic.

    13. NIĆØ 29 months ago | reply

      like a movie

    14. Ella Ruth 29 months ago | reply

      These are beautiful <3

    15. Natia Rekhviashvili 28 months ago | reply

      So beautiful u are so talanted, adore

    16. pooja tripathi 27 months ago | reply

      my insides have been shivering
      I love this series.

    17. Structure & Spontaneity by .K. [deleted] 20 months ago | reply

      absolutely beautiful work!

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