Abraham Obama by Ron English

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    Abraham Obama by Ron English

    painting by Ron English (uploaded with is permission)

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    1. Josh Ellingson 105 months ago | reply

      @Laughing Squid - Now I can't stop thinking about what I would draw involving fish and icecream. I'm going to have to make something now. Oh Scott Beale, you are such an enabler!

    2. Happy Tinfoil Cat 105 months ago | reply

      COOP666, Yes, that would be "fucked in the head". I did not say your comments were "racist".

      I'm not partial to any of the candidates, BTW. Obama doesn't have a "lock" on it. I've seen ample racism and sexism in this country enough to prevent either to be elected. Don't underestimate it, mark my words.

      I'd say Obama has run a fabulous campaign exactly as you described. I got sick of the entire election months ago and haven't paid attention enough to know the politics. Politicians usually say one thing and then do another anyway. I'll make a choice once given a choice (I'm not registered with either party and did not participate in the primary)

      McCain may have a great strategy to take out Obama but may be sitting on it until he gets the nomination. That way he doesn't take him out leaving a potentially stronger candidate to run against. Possibly why we have heard little from McCain.

      Obama may or may not be the right black man for the job and Clinton may or may not be the right woman, but still, in the big picture, it would be nice to see some history being made. Blacks would certainly feel a bit uplifted and little black kids may actually be able to dream about being president. If Clinton gets in maybe we can actually hope to pass the ERA amendment some day.

      The photo looks like a morph was done. I wonder if the painting was first computer generated and then painted.

    3. JOE MARINARO [deleted] 105 months ago | reply

      "Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to make hipster art from it."

      Coop, is that your quote? It is brilliant!
      I admire the Obama campaign, strictly for what it was... a massive grass roots thing that was unstoppable and swept people up in a way that hasn't been done/seen in 40 years.

      I like the painting by Mr. English, it keeps with his art tradition. If, say, you (Coop) or Robt Williams painted this it would be extra creepy, but I expect this of Ron.

      This thread is interesting.

    4. dghammer 102 months ago | reply

      How appropriate you would choose a Rebublican president. You should have chosen Carter but...nevermind they both pass for peanut heads.

    5. SortOfNatural 102 months ago | reply

      wow....... this is a change if nothing else

    6. Rath & Some 100 months ago | reply

      do these people even know that Obama is related to Bush and Cheney!


      Upperplayground is wack for all this Obama garbage

      Its time to wake up people

      the royal bloodline is real

    7. a Bevy of 100 months ago | reply

      i'm an obama supporter and i don't think this painting was supposed to be comparing their greatness. maybe it's the fact that lincoln is known as the great emancipator and now there's a black guy running for president.........eh???

    8. !XYZ 100 months ago | reply

      hi there
      sorry that i have't asked for yr permission to use this fabulous masterpeice - but time is short
      i will of course remove it if you don't want t o be associated with my blog - i will of course link it back to here and credit you
      got to get to work and history is in the making!

    9. Alejandra Mavroski [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      so great! amazing

    10. Sherlon 100 months ago | reply

      COOP666 , can u repeat that?

    11. ARTofCOOP 100 months ago | reply

      Repeat what? Am I about to be shipped off to the re-education camps?

    12. ichirokes 100 months ago | reply

      cool for brush paint! i suggest you need to make your own logo so that way someone cannot stole your photos! I like this! bravo

    13. RamónAldea 98 months ago | reply

      excelente trabajo de Ron English


    14. operaticomnivore 98 months ago | reply

      cool image!

      I used it for my blog:

      Thanks for sharing!


    15. f3000 93 months ago | reply

      "Honest" Abe

    16. PretenderNX01 92 months ago | reply

      I know most of this conversation was over a year ago- but fish and ice cream were combined on "Iron Chef". Trout to be specific was used by Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai in a battle on "Iron Chef America" against Bobby Flay.

      So yes, I absolutely feel art and politics can mix. I just don't know that Republicans currently are creative enough to come up with their own positive images to campaign with. Satire is easy- but a striking positive image for your candidate is more difficult.

    17. snc145 31 months ago | reply

      Great portrait. Seen and admired in the group "ART IDOL ART". www.flickr.com/photos/laughingsquid/2546673450/in/pool-18...

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