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    It's about Pi/2 past 2Pi/3..., EnGuillem, agogo, and 8 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1. Marc B. Poblet 50 months ago | reply

      π? Who cares about π? Circumference divided by diameter? A circle is defined by its radius, not its diameter!
      Behold τ (tau), at least TWICE as good as π:

    2. greenrhino 33 months ago | reply

      @Marc. This is about angular measure expressed in radians ya idjit. Not very clear on circular functions and relationships are you.

    3. Nair Martín Olivera 6 weeks ago | reply

      I don't understand it. Is it all about getting the right hour by doing the equation? because I don't get it. For instance, 4pi/3 = 4,18, and pi is 3,14, not 6. Can someone explain it to me please? Thank you!!

    4. saokhue2007 6 weeks ago | reply

      May I explore 6 decimal digits of Pi from LAUGHING EASY?
      According to numerology LAUGHING EASY=79+50=129
      P(Pi) is the 16th letter of the alphabet
      16 : (129-16) =.141592
      Hope you will like this magic calculation!
      Have a nice PIDAY!

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