Peggy Sue
Story begins May 8, 2006

Peggy Sue will stay with me to grow up healthy and strong until around sometime in October or November. She will then be released to live in the care of the raccoon clan she was born to here at the Marshside Menagerie.


Over the summer, there was a terrble outbreak of canine distemper among the wild young raccoons. Many died - nearly half. Since she had been spending time outside in preparation for release, Peggy Sue also contracted this horrible virus. Her symptoms were severe and the vet gave little hope for her survival.

I stayed with her, cleaning her up every hour of every day, and diligently disinfecting everything in sight. There was little else I could do for her beyond treating with antibiotics, herbal remedies, and medications to ease her discomfort... and love. In this last, the flickr community rallied behind the tiny orphan girl and sent buckets and waves and oceans of love through, prayers, healing light, meditations, donations, and good thoughts.

Peggy Sue is a miracle girl - a survivor. And I wil be forever grateful to the dear flickr folk who are part of the miracle.


Distemper did leave a permanent mark on Peggy Sue, however. The virus damaged her optic nerves and Peggy Sue is nearly blind. Unreleasable. She could not survive in the wild. She can, however, enjoy a life here in the safety of the home and family she has known since she was small. Peggy Sue's Forever Home will be here at the Marshside Menagerie.

Soon, we'll be celebrating Peggy Sue's first birthday.
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