Copa Light

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    The sand at Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro

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    1. AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora 119 months ago | reply

      I went to Rio only once, for a swim competition, didn't have the chance to go looking around... went only to the sugar loaf and fell in love! do you believe I didn't go to copacabana beach? I deserve to be slapped for that!

    2. laszlo-photo 119 months ago | reply

      From Sugar Loaf, you can see Copacabana, so I think it is OK AnnA. The best way to see Rio is by bicycle, I think. There are really good bicycle paths and you can easily bike from Ipanema all the way to Urca without a problem.

    3. Chris.Gordon 119 months ago | reply

      Oh my......... Just breathtaking.......

      You have got to tell me your setup laszlo, i'm dying over here :).

    4. Λl℮Roda® 119 months ago | reply

      Nice shot Laszlo! Nice & easy, with the feet on the sand, chilling and shooting!
      I got to get a polarizer filter too...very beautiful weather you got on Rio bud! I'm glad you could enjoy at least a couple of day under a shiny weather!

    5. laszlo-photo 119 months ago | reply

      Hi Chris! Thanks so much! I'm pleased you like it. Here is the setup:
      2~3 hours after sunrise with the sun more or less behind me. I was pretty much laying in the sand...
      I used an ancient Canon Rebel IIs and a Sigma EX 17-35mm aspher. with a circ. polarizer.
      I used the old Fuji Velvia 50 slide film which has been discontinued, but is still available in inventory (I feel like a dinosaur, writing this).
      As for the exposure, the shutter speed was 1/60 and the f-stop was either f/16 or f/19 (I can't recall, and my antique camera doesn't save this info). Finally, I scanned it from the color slide to the digital world using a Nikon Coolscan 4.0. Too much work... I need to go digital.

      Thanks Ale! You are so right. Nothing else to do but look around, admire the beauty, and ocassionally frame and shoot. You just reminded me of a funny story...
      I was framing a shot on Copacabana and the shot was going to include one of those beach-hut bars... you know, there's like 200 of these all along the sidewalk. The owner see me and shouts, "Hey Bohhhhdy, no foto!!!" Then rubs his thumb and index finger together to indicate that I need to pay first.
      So I stopped framing, put my lens cap back on and started walking. Still rubbing his fingers together, he yells,"hey bohhhhdy, PAY ME!!!"
      So I turned around and told him that I won't take a picture of his bar because it wasn't worth even a ½ Real to me, and I gave him a thumbs-down sign.
      I'm glad I don't know your language well, because he must have shouted every curse word he knew, but I'm not going to pay for a picture of a scene that 10,000 people walk past every day... besides, the lighting was very poor :-D
      Abçs. to you Amigo!

    6. Λl℮Roda® 119 months ago | reply

      Oh dude, I can't believe the freaking asshole tried to take your money for a shot! I hate that! I hate that!
      You should shook your balls back to him as gratitude! LOL It would be funny! But you did well, we don't want any stress on a fine trip right? My free advice for ya? LOL
      - Use a tele next time! That way you can shoot unnoticed! :-)
      You know, I bought my new DSL-R (Nikon D80) over a brazilian website last month, the same system than e-bay, and unfortunatelly I payed the brazilian seller and did not received the product...already went to the authorities and now I'm working on legal measures against the site, on a desperate attempt to recover my lost money. This can take years from now on...
      Ain't life grand?

    7. Ar'alani 119 months ago | reply

      Beautiful beach scene. I can't believe that sky!

    8. adrians_art 118 months ago | reply

      Love this beach shot, the angles and colours are superb!

    9. Anoop Negi 114 months ago | reply

      GReat dramatic bold lines in your shot.

      Beautiful and still on film..Velvia..ah I like that..

    10. Jose Williame 96 months ago | reply

      caro amigo,
      As fotos da nossa cidade maravilhosa, ficaram fenomenal !!!

      dear friend,
      The photos of our wonderful city, were phenomenal!

    11. celine301 89 months ago | reply

      hello,laszlo, I am from beijing, China ,and lve your ankles of the photos, I just wondered if you could do me a great favor, since we are doing a coverage of the city of Rio and the people I interviewed can not give me fabulous photos as yours, so I just ask if we can imprint some of your pics on our mag? Our mag is China Home Decoration and we will send you the e-edition once it is been published.

      Fell free to contact me anytime:

      Hope to hear from you soon.

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