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212. The World Is Watching...

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I believe this is what is known as "using all available resources". Nae secrets between Flickr friends though, eh?

I haven't heard this song in about five years, but its crashing opening bars were my ringtone on my tiny Samsung. Punk rock at its finest, me.

212/365: 31st July 2009

queenadreena: "Pretty Like Drugs"
the world is watching as I take my last breath
the world is watching as i get undressed
cos i'm pretty like drugs.

the world is watching as my wings unfurl
the world is watching the death of a girl
cos i'm pretty like drugs.

iload the gun and I'm out of the world
and I take it harder, coz oh.. pretty oh.. pretty like drugs
i load the gun.

the world is watching with a pregnant pause
the world is watching as i fuck to applause
the world is watching as i plant the last seed
the world is watching me watching tv.
cos i'm pretty like drugs.

i load the gun
i wax and wane
subject all of my pain, onto you baby
coz i'm pretty like drugs.


  1. {{Paul - going, going, gone...}} [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

    Well you won't be surprised to learn that I don't know the song.

    Really good, bold image


    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  2. Kantizuni 68 months ago | reply

    I don't see your remote. ;)

    The green and the grey look... intriguing. Together.

  3. ASBO Allstar 68 months ago | reply

    Great idea for a selective colour shot, looks well.
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. lism. 68 months ago | reply

    I hate the selective colour this morning. It's too yellow. Might redo this later.

    Michael - I wanted the background to look ghostly, but I still think the remote wrecks it!

  5. lism. 68 months ago | reply

    There we go, that's a bit less boak! :)

  6. the last name left 68 months ago | reply

    love it, it completely tells a story, sorry you need them but bravo in making them into art ! x.

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