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Mom's sped up demo

"Because you were filming. Normally, I would have taken my time."


- My mum divides up the pineapple filling the night before, so that "each tart will be the same size". (you can see the divi-ed pile at the end).

- Much of the dough stay in the fridge because the butter in the dough melts in our weather. Small chunks are taken out each time to work on.

- My mum flattens each piece of dough with a rolling pin, so that "each tart will be wrapped consistently". I'm telling you this because I know for a fact that the rest of the mortal world would have just used their hands.

- My mum leaves the baking tray in the fridge so that it stays cold before use, like freezing glass mugs for beer.

- We put the tarts back into the fridge before putting the egg wash on so that it will harden a little and the crimped ridges won't break when we apply the egg wash. No lie.


I timed it. Each piece takes at least a minute to make by hand (excluding the time in the oven).


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Taken on February 2, 2013