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Live in the Moment, Remember the Past Fondly | by Wade Morgen
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Live in the Moment, Remember the Past Fondly

Last night, I was sorting photographs. I had found a folder full of photos that had been taken on vacation last August. I was flipping through them, mostly bad photos, but a few stood out to me. I put them onto my desktop to scrutinize them later. As I viewed each photo, reminiscing on the memories and personal value each photo had to me, I remembered why I had photographed each of the three pictures I selected. They all represented some major part of my vacation and immediate memories came flooding back. Details I had not thought about since the time! None of these pictures had me included, but I took them. When I take a photo, a personal connectino is created, saving a flood of emotions and details with it. Unfortunately, many personal photos are lost when I quickly scan through folders, deleting the ones that aren't “up to standard”. Buying more storage isn't a problem, since buying massive hard-drives are fairly cheap. So why don't we save more or all of our photos? For me, in the moment, I don't think I will ever want to look back on what is not my best. But eight months later, I find joy and reminisce the personal connections in photographs that I otherwise would have deleted the first time through. Here's to saving more photos: for the joy and happiness looking back upon a fond memory brings.


This photo was taken on the beach of Lake Michigan, where my grandmother owns a cottage directly on the shoreline. I remember sitting, staring over the water, enjoying the serenity of being away from city-life. Suddenly I notice a shadow and look up. A bird is circling overhead. I grab my camera and run down the shoreline a few properties to catchup to the bird. I tried many times to get the “perfect” photo. But after a short while, I walked back to the cabin, feeling defeated because I did not capture a “good enough” photo. As I find this photo once again, eight months later, I relive the memories: the wind flowing through my hair, as I aim at the sky, frantically adjusting camera settings and the hot sand between my toes as I scramble to keep pace with the bird as he circles around the shoreline. So, eight months later, after I remember this photo excursion a defeat, I now can save the memory of serenity by the water and the joy saving this photo has brought me. Here's to saving more photos.


This photo has provided inspiration to myself to save more of my pictures and take photos of everyday activities. Someday, when I look back upon them, I will be able to conjure the memories and personal significance they have to me. If you have not already, I highly suggest you give it a read.


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Taken on August 6, 2009