5G Hack the Mall Aalto Start North summer course
Yes, time for a exponential and paradigm change!

This was the first summer course of its kind in the World with focus on if 5G can create more experiences with meaning and purpose for youngsters?

Follow us to learn about he outcomes, will 5G change your shopping experience and bring 5G more experiences with meaning and purpose to shopping malls?

This was a unique Two weeks education modul you will learn with the professors of 5G and tele communication, solve challenges in a unique entrepreneurial format.

Thank you with gratitude to our Challenge providers, Nokia, Accenture, HTC Vive, Ernest & Young and some leading corporations or startups.

It was the first time the potential of 5G was tested in a shopping centre. One of the people initiating the challenges was Marjo Kankaanranta, Shopping Centre Director at Sello. Thank you!

Please enjoy Aalto Universities article about the summer course. www.aalto.fi/en/news/5g-mall-a-playground-for-young-people


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