Time Sensitive Materials
In September 2008, Bodil and Larnie put together a two person show at Cricket Engine Gallery in Oakland California.

Artists' Statement

We were married on May 22, 1999, in the Redwoods at Butano State Park and the next day were whisked away on a honeymoon to Costa Rica. While we were there, we we began a series of discussions about time that have continued to RIGHT NOW, this very day. We were very surprised at how sometimes the time seems to pass very slowly and other times passes very quickly. Being in Costa Rica, surrounded by unfamiliar sights, smells, tastes, and sounds, we noticed our time appeared longer. We sensed that a day included a lot more time than a "normal" day at home. We thought about the measured, linear way time is described by our society, and the winding, colored and irregular way we experience it. We theorized that experienced time consists of "packets", that is units of experience. The more packets, the longer the the time seems to take. Since then we have been noticing the length of our days change vary depending on the amount and qualify of packets. We enjoy the richness and sense of fulfillment when the packets are plentiful. In contrast, we notice that some days have fewer packets of new experience with the same commute, the familiar office, the usual coworkers, kitchen, shower, etc.. We notice how the passage of time, as we experience it, can have qualities other than length ~ it can also have depth and emotional color.

Our discussions have included historical measures of time (water, sand, sky, machines) human life (Lucy, who lived three and a half million years ago), our own life time (30,000 days), and eternity (endless?). We thought about time as defined from different perspectives: Society claiming a linear, repetitive time as defined by clocks and calendars, science claiming a time that can be curved, that is part of a continuum with space, that can have parallel time lines, and the way we actually perceive time. Is time a straight line? Is it a circle? A spiral? A network? Though "clock time" is not in our control ~ is perceived time? Can we cure our "time poverty" through manipulation of "packets" of perceived time?

We explore time from very different artistic perspectives; Larnie by using sound and kinetic sculptures while Bodil is moving to a painting style that is highly influenced by her textile background. As we struggle represent packets and perceived time using a visual format, we confront other ways of looking at time ~ a life time, eternity, our own time, measures of time ~ raising questions arise that have no easy answers.

Bodil and Larnie Fox
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