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Happy Dave Rip Off

Happy Turkeyday!

Will be tripping off to Michigan soon, where the forcast is for typical Michigan weather: snow rain COLD. Hope all of you have a great Turkey Day with your family and friends (or, lacking those, your cats).


Oh, and for those of you hounding me (appropriately) about the flickr book, I actually have been working on it recently. In fact, it's almost complete. Most of the pictures are in and laid out. That's the good news.

The bad news (and by bad, I mean catastophically bad) is that since I've been ignoring the project (or more specifically, the yahoo account where all the submissions were sent to), the inbox reset and EVERYTHING original was wiped out.

Which means that I am missing the desired Titles and Names portion of everybody's photo; plus there are about 6 photos that I am missing entirely (I did the layout using printed copies of the pics from 3 months ago).


SOOOOOooooooooooooo, I'll be spending most of Thanksgiving writing apologetic flickrmail to everybody selected for the book, requesting the title information again (oh, and forgiveness too). Hoping to get that all solved before the first weekend in December.

Other minor problems is that a few people submitted pictures at high dpi (300) but LOW pixel dimensions (300 x 300) which translates into a 1 square inch picture. Gonna have to clarify that up.


In summary, Happy Thanksgiving!


and I'm very very sorry.


(ps - Shoutout to HappyDave, whose classic MS Paint styling I've decided to blatently steal.)

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Uploaded on November 23, 2005