Tuna Tartare with Salad and Croutons

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    For the Still Life With... challenge.

    Summary Post on CB411

    I made the recipe very close to the original.

    For this one, I kept (close) to the original food styling, with the exception of the vertical "sandwich" look for the croutons, which I just didn't like.

    I'm still not a huge fan of the presentation in this one, but I do think it's nicer than the original photo.

    Lighting for this is 2 tungsten halogen Lowell Tota bounce back lights, and a (new!) Mole Richardson Mini-Mole spotlight (also tungsten halogen). Also a little natural light bleeding into the shot.

    50mm 1.4 lens on my Canon 20D.

    I kind of wish that I had a little less DOF on this one... that, and I'm still getting used to the spotlight so the lighting isn't perfect.

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