Chillography 301
Chillography is celebrating its two-year anniversary of diving deep
into the mellow and we’re doing it with a sure fire format—a chillout
day party, in a park, for free…. ’nuff said. Musically, we’re bringing
back some Chillography favorites to treat us to the perfect soundtrack to a waterfront-breeze-with-grass-between-your-toes kinda day. Please join us with your picnics, hula hoops, long boards, frisbees, yoga mats, books, blankets, lawn chairs, sunscreen, and whatever else is it that makes for a great summer day in a beautiful Seattle park.

Welcome to Chillography 301

When ::Saturday, July 31, 2010, 1pm to 9 pm
Where :: Myrtle Edwards Park (southern-most clearing, just north of the Sculpture Park)

Cost :: FREE (though we are placing a donation jar up to help with
some of the incurred costs)

Picnic Potluck :: Bring along a dish to share and some eating
implements for the picnic potluck lunch! Chips, fruit, breads, cheese,
homemade cookies, whatever you like!

Please keep in mind that this is a leave no trace event, so if you
haul it in, please haul it out!

Presenting the afternoon’s chillographers ::

Bloom (live) - Seattle
Miniature Airlines (live) - Seattle
Leave Trance (live) - Seattle
Jenna Marshall - Seattle
Hendrik - Transcendent Church of Bass/Chillography - Seattle
Eckoe - Ultimae Records/Chillography - San Francisco
Skoi Sirius - Seattle

more info will be up at

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Seattle Parks and Recreation
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