chocolate chip cookies

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    These were made with vegetable oil instead of butter, and they were FANTASTIC! I just didn't have enough butter, so I found this recipe:

    Right out of the oven, they were some of the best cookies I've ever had.

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    1. vieux bandit 63 months ago

      I don't believe you. And the only way to prove your point will be to ship me a box so I can evaluate the truth of your statement. Ha.

    2. Lara604 63 months ago

      Why don't you just f*cken make them, and stop doubting me! Hehe.

    3. vieux bandit 63 months ago

      Because it's much more fun to be a bully?
      Because my time is caught in something big (yes what I was hoping for and have told you about but I can't discuss until it's official!!!)?
      Because you know you wanna?
      Because my oven's temperature only has one setting: random?
      Because the cats told me to?
      Because I'd rather spend my afternoon making lists of questions?
      Because if *you* bake, *you* spend the calories and really I'm only thinking about your health?
      Huh? :-)

    4. Lara604 63 months ago

      All excuses. ;)

    5. vieux bandit 63 months ago

      Yes, but some are good! :-)

    6. Lara604 63 months ago

      Haha! Bad Lady, are you telling us to stop it, or posting pictures of cookies??

    7. HeatherHeatherHeather 63 months ago

      no more cookies!!!! NO MORE COOKIES~!!!! ugh now I have to bake tonight. Look what you made me do!

    8. Jess Beemouse 63 months ago

      I love how this is next to a string of kitty cam photos... I honestly thought CT was looking at a plate of cookies for a sec.

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