Australia 2008
From my reunion with Queensland, and also a reunion with my bro Eric, in August and September 2008. The journey started with a stopover in Taipei on the way to Cairns, where I spent a week participating at the biennial International Society for Microbial Ecology meeting. After this meeting, which was the main reason for going really, or excuse for going at least, I rented a car with two workmates and travelled down the East Coast on a mission to:

1) See as many funny animals as possible, and
2) Do some extreme sports.

The results were quite satisfactory. I managed wild crocodiles, wallabies, lots of tropical fish, corals, sponges, nudibranches, snakes, spiders, platypus ("platypii" ?) and even a couple of cassowaries. As for sports, I settled with scuba diving (but quite a lot of it), surfing and a day of sailing.

It was an amazing trip.
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