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Ok, so I know what you're thinking. | by languisity
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Ok, so I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking "McKenzie made that poor girl strip in the middle of a nature path, and the only reason she's laughing is because she's tickling her inbetween shots."


That was it, wasn't it?


On the contrary, you don't need to tickle a Lizz to get her to laugh (though that would certainly be more fun, I think. *makes a note to try that next time). Everything else is suspect, though I plead innocence on the accusation of coercion. Maybe. Depends on what you call coercion.


I will say that it happened something like this:


Me: Oh, stop stop stop! Look! Moss!

Lizz: *looks at me* Yes?

Me: Uhm.. uhm... well....

Lizz: You want to take a picture of the moss?

Me: *smiling* Mhmm.

Lizz: And?

Me: Well... but... I don't want to ask really because it's sooo cold and...

Lizz: *sits down*

Me: *giggles*

Lizz: Anything else?

Me: Uhm.. Take that off. And that. And that other thing, yes, that. Mhm. *snap snap snap*

Lizz: You're not taking pictures NOW are you?

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Uploaded on April 12, 2007