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Mal wieder ein Bild für den "Whats in my Bag" Stream.

Hier mein aktuelles Lieblingsset zum Entspannen und "treiben lassen".

- Hasselblad 503cx mit Planar 80mm 2.8 T*
- 2tes Magazin A12 für zweiten FIlm mit anderem ISO Wert
- Belichtungsmesser Gossen Sixtomat Digital
- Leica M6 mit Leica Summicron 35 2.0 ASPH.
- Sony NEX 7 mit Novoflex Leica M Adapter (um das Summicron 35mm an der NEX7 zu verwenden)
- Sony RX100 - für das schnelle und unkomplizierte Bild oder Video unterwegs
- 3x 120er Rollfilme SW und Color
- 3x KB FIlme SW 100/400/3200
- Samsung Galaxy Note für die Kommunikation unterwegs
- Tasche: Think Tank Retrospective 5

Mein "Happy-Set" :-)

LG Jörg

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  1. Philipp Molter | Fotografie 31 months ago | reply

    ich bin echt neidisch wegen der hasselblad =)
    mega kamera =) eine der schönsten dies gibt =)
    göückwunsch zur auswahl übrigens!

  2. Jörgenshaus 31 months ago | reply

    Ich hoffe Du hast die Tasche gut versichert :)

  3. big-L 31 months ago | reply

    Danke an @Igelskar für die Infos!

    Thx @ all for your Comments!

  4. = Leo = 31 months ago | reply

    This is my dream bag too with both film and digital.

  5. Jemsabell 31 months ago | reply

    Wonderful, and an idea I've often thought of for a theme. I also seem to have some unusual items in my bag: a small tub of handcream (don't worry, it doesn't spill), a plastic cover, a notepad and pencil, and a whistle (we have bears and coyotes, so just in case), enough change for a phone call where there's no cell service, and always spare lens caps, among other oddities. Yours is a terrific, professional collection. Congrats on a well-deserved Explore!

  6. *a_a* 31 months ago | reply


  7. alice-photos1 31 months ago | reply

    great piece of work ... I love it...

  8. big-L 31 months ago | reply

    Thx Thx Thx

  9. Robert Ulmer 31 months ago | reply

    very nice gear!

  10. Thomas Klimek 31 months ago | reply

    Hass and Leica such a nice couple.
    Nice set up.

  11. Chris Faust 31 months ago | reply

    Looks good to me, I'd skip the Sony and add a Widelux.

  12. big-L 31 months ago | reply

    A Widelux? Ohhhh, one of my last Dreams!

  13. EightsFull 31 months ago | reply

    none of that stuff is in your bag

  14. eagle1effi 30 months ago | reply

    your SONY RX100 photo

    seen in

  15. eagle1effi 30 months ago | reply

    Damn cool Photographer !



    Obrigado e parabéns pela sua bela fotografia!

    excellent photo
    : Vue dans / Seen in / Gesehen in / VISTA EN :

    _____ Damncool _____
    . . ♥.♥.♥ Damn Cool Photographers in the WORLD . ♥.♥.♥

    You deserve this damncool award !

    blue - christmas decorated - eye
    __ W 0 W __ ! !
    pic made my day !

    Effi - admin
    Please visit my work

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